Artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph’s and The Guggenheim partner with South Bronx United for peh-LO-tah


Marc Bamuthi Joseph teams up with South Bronx United to create Moving and Passing

This summer, South Bronx United teamed up with award winning artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph for the Guggenheim Museum Social Practice Initiative, a program funded by a major grant from the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation which aims to instill different art expressions within the community. Through the Social Practice Art Initiative, artists were able to interact with members of the South Bronx community and reconstruct soccer drills into meaningful choreography that were reinterpreted into one final contemporary performance.

Artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Marc Bamuthi Joseph partnered with with South Bronx United to create Moving and Passing, a contemporary work of art that enabled Bronx youth to explore the arts through their passion for soccer. The event, which took place during the summer, was made into a two part video featuring SBU athletes and coaches and emphasized the importance of embracing cultural diversity and recognizing the social issues that immigrant communities face. Mr. Joseph and his team of choreographers met up with SBU youth athletes and their coaches to work with them through clinics that are set up to help young athletes improve their soccer skills. During these clinics, soccer drills were mixed with choreography, writing and painting. Children were able to participate in a rotational play where they would spend some time in drills with their coaches and then move on to choreographed pieces with the artists. The afternoon ended with theatrical performances featuring South African and Brazilian dancers.  CultureStrike, a national arts and social justice organization, worked with students to create an art project that embodied the afternoon’s themes.


The clinic provided rotational plays for students to take part in soccer drills and art projects

As the son of Haitian immigrants, Mr. Joseph often emphasized his theme that “moving without the ball is the immigrant story” to the Student Athletes of South Bronx United, the majority of which come from immigrant families. Students were invited to listen in on engaging conversations about global economies and the importance of soccer as a form of expression. Mr. Joseph takes from his own life experience and the role of soccer in his life to enable members of the community to bring together different elements such as sports, art, politics or immigration and merge them into one through art forms such as Moving and Passing. 

As a result of  his participation with South Bronx United and FC Harlem, The Guggenheim Museum will commission Marc Bamuthi Joseph’s performance, /peh-LO-tah, which is set to premiere this month at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, CA. The interaction between South Bronx community members and artists at the special clinics influenced the writing for /peh-LO-tah, the performance that combines immigration and soccer through a vibrant performance of shadows, silhouettes and moving bodies.

/peh-LO-tah is now showing at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Moving and Passing can be seen through The Guggenheim Museum’s website at

Students engaged in art projects with CultureStrike

Students engaged in art projects with CultureStrike

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South Bronx United 6th Annual Benefit Raises Crucial Funds for the SBU Mission

Honored Guest Jack Harrison with Youth Honoree Anayeli Bolaños

Honored Guest Jack Harrison with Youth Honoree Anayeli Bolaños

300 guests filled the Midtown Loft and Terrace for a night of celebration in honor of South Bronx United’s 6th Annual Benefit on Thursday, November 10. The evening celebrated the success of South Bronx United programs in reaching 1,000 boys and girls in the community and providing students and their families with the support they need to succeed. Among the guests this year were New York City FC’s Jack Harrison, Master of Ceremony and former USA World Cup defender Jimmy Conrad, and surprise guest Spain and Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez Blanco.  This year’s Annual Benefit raised $89,000, making it the most successful fundraising event to date for the organization.  All proceeds will go towards the continued support of South Bronx United’s youth development programs that utilize soccer as a tool to help Bronx youth reach academic success through a range of programs such as college prep and other leadership development programs provided in and out of the classroom.  A portion of support has been designated to support the organization’s legal services for immigrant youth.

The evening began with a presentation hosted by Mr. Conrad, who returned from last year’s event.  Conrad interviewed Mr. Harrison, an New York City FC midfielder and MLS Rookie of the Year nominee, who shared his story about his transition from playing soccer in England to playing in the MLS.  Harrison had competed against an SBU soccer team as a senior at the Berkshire School in Massachusetts.  Earlier this year, he also made an appearance to welcome community children at South Bronx United’s City in the Community Program opening event in March.  Executive Director Andrew So followed the interview with remarks about the the progress of his organization. “For the first time we’ve exceeded 1,000 boys and girls served providing the children as young as 3 all the way up to 19 recreational and athletic opportunities that are severely lacking in the Bronx.”

This year, South Bronx United also expanded the guidance and support it provides its students and families through the immigration process. “Our legal services staff managed 52 cases this year helping youth and families find access to immigration relief. Today, we have helped 23 youth gain permanent residency.”

Soccer legend and former Real Madrid star Raul Gonzalez Blanco made a surprise appearance assisting in the auctioning of an Real Madrid jersey that he autographed at the event.  The proceeds from the auction contributed towards the evening’s goal.

Surprise Guest Raul Gonzalez Blanco assisted in the auctioning of his signed Real Madrid jersey

Surprise Guest Raul Gonzalez Blanco assisted in the auctioning of his signed Real Madrid jersey

This year, the Annual Benefit celebrated 2016 Youth Honoree and SBU Academy Graduate Anayeli Bolaños who’s story was shared with the audience through a video presentation and speech. Ms. Bolaños’ life changed upon becoming apart of South Bronx United.  At 13 years old, she arrived to the United States from Mexico with her family in search of a better life. Naye’s story captivated the crowd as she shared with them her plans for the future starting with her newly received permanent residency status, thanks to South Bronx United’s work and her upcoming enrollment in the Borough of Manhattan Community College:

“I was getting my fingers done for immigration and I realized my future coworkers will look at me as more than just an immigrant,” she explained. “If I never found SBU, I don’t think I would have these opportunities….  After two years I plan to transfer to pursue my bachelor’s degree. I want to continue to play soccer. my goal is to eventually become an accountant and stay close to my family.”

2016 Youth Honoree Anayeli Bolaños shares how SBU made an impact on her life

2016 Youth Honoree Anayeli Bolaños shares how SBU made an impact on her life

Many sponsors came together to support South Bronx United and the event, including Two Sigma Investments, Medidata Solutions, Barclay’s Capital, PIMCO, InterFysio, Dos Toros Taqueria, BlackRock, and Growth Through Sport.  Guests were treated to a buffet sponsored by Dos Toros.  Generous bar sponsors including The Bronx Brewery, Tito’s Vodka, Tanteo Tequilla, and Papillon Bistro and Bar. Guests also participated in an auction and raffle which included items from institutions such as New York City FC, Relish Caterers, Adidas, New York Yankees, FC Bayern Munich Fan Club of NYC, and many more.

Every year, proceeds raised in the Annual Benefit go towards the expansion of youth programs provided to children of the Bronx on behalf of South Bronx United. The organization is now working with 1,000 boys and girls and provides them with the tools they need to succeed academically through leadership and character building programs that will help them reach academic enrichment. South Bronx United will continue to use soccer as a tool to lead their student athletes on the right path to success.

Photos from the event can be viewed on the Facebook page for the SBU Supporters Club, a fundraising arm and membership club for the organization.  Learn more about the SBU Supporters Club at

For more information on South Bronx United, and how you can help become apart of our mission, please visit or call (718) 404-9281.

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South Bronx United girls attend the Women’s Sports Foundation Annual Salute



From left to right: Staisy Barrera, Matilda Kocaj, and Giselle Flores at the Women’s Sports Foundation Annual Salute on October 19th

“My head was hurting, I was shaking, and I just wanted to get this over with. All I could think about was all the ways I could mess up.  I was looking forward to the event but the speech got me feeling really nervous especially since I would meet famous athletes.  I met Claressa Shields, Ashleigh Johnson, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Ibtihaj Muhammad, and many more. When I met Claressa Shields, she was really funny.  She seemed a bit nervous but she was acting like a pro. She told me it would be okay.  Throughout the event, people told me it would be fine.

The rehearsal made me feel comfortable about how I would say my speech. And I actually felt good by the time I said my speech and it was a success.

In the end, this event helped give the message that women are equal to men. Woman also matter. Women can do the same things that men and boys can do. I found new inspirations too. This event was the Women Sports Foundation. It helps girls play sports and makes them feel they can be something and that women are something.”

  • Staisy Barrera, 12, SBU Soaring Stars

SBU Academy student-athlete Staisy Barrera had the chance to speak at the 37th Women’s Sports Foundation Annual Event which took place on October 20, 2016 at Cipriani Wall Street, New York City. The annual event honors women and their achievements in sports. Olympic gold medalists Ashleigh Johnson, and Claressa Shields, who made history at this summer’s Rio Olympics by becoming the first athlete to ever win back to back gold in boxing, were amongst the four women athletes being honored for their accomplishments in sports that evening. The donations raised during the event went towards The Women’s Sports Foundation’s Sports 4 Life program which aims to nationally expand the involvement of African American and Hispanic girls in sports. Staisy was one of three girls who had the opportunity to attend the annual event and meet women athletes such as bronze medalist Ibitaj Muhammad.  SBU coach-mentor and alumnus Delmy Del Cid also attended along with youth counselor Bridget Mahon.  Earlier this year, South Bronx United became a 2016 recipient of the Sports 4 life program.

South Bronx United became one of 40 organizations to receive funding from the sports 4 life program, which is expected to serve 10,000 more middle schools and high schools across the country. The program’s goal is to build leadership in girls through sports, predominantly African American and Hispanic girls who are more at risk of health conditions such as diabetes and obesity. South Bronx United  began offering girls specific soccer programming in 2011 and now offers girls from four years old to high school the opportunity to play recreational soccer or soccer on a travel team. The Women’s Sports Foundation will be accepting applications throughout this fall for 2017, for more information visit

SBU girls had the opportunity to meet 2016 Olympic Medalist Ibtihaj Muhammed of the Team USA Fencing Team


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South Bronx United 6th Annual Benefit on November 10th

2015 Annual Benefit Youth Honoree Gnim Bazim speaking to event guests

2015 Annual Benefit Youth Honoree Gnim Bazim speaking to event guests

South Bronx United is hosting their 6th annual benefit on November 10, 2016 at Manhattan’s Midtown Loft and Terrace on Fifth Avenue. Every year, the event aims to raise funds for the many youth programs and events provided  by South Bronx United. Throughout the year the South Bronx organization provides young people with programs on and off the field, serving as a way to keep at risk youths on the right path to success. College Prep, mentoring, immigration services, leadership development and soccer are all services provided by South Bronx United for nearly 1,000 boys and girls each year.

New York City FC rookie sensation Jack Harrison will be an honored guest. Harrison also attended a South Bronx United’s community program this past spring and took the field against a SBU boys team when they visited his alma mater, the Berkshire Academy in Massachusetts.  Jimmy Conrad, a former USA World Cup defender and current digital media star, will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the second straight year. Guests will also be introduced to the youth honoree, Anayeli Bolaños, an SBU Academy Class of 2016 graduate.

Like every year, the goal of this year’s benefit is to raise enough funds to continue providing city youths with opportunities that will guide them academically through high school and straight into college. South Bronx United aims to teach the participants of their academies leadership values that will help them succeed throughout their careers. 94 percent of SBU’s diverse group of seniors have enrolled in college with 100 percent of their seniors having graduating high school. For more information about South Bronx United’s mission, visit

Tickets for the annual benefit are on sale now starting at $125.  The ticket cost is partially tax-deductible.  Sponsorship and Program Ad Packages are also available. Sponsors include Two Sigma Investments, Barclays Capital, Medidata Solutions, Interfysio, PIMCO, Dos Toros Taqueria, the Bronx Brewery, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Tanteo Tequila.

For more information visit the website, email, or call (718) 404-9281.


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Student-Athletes Explore their Artistic Side in the SBU Karen Barth Arts Program

SBU student-athletes complete a class painting during Summer Soccer Scholars program.

SBU student-athletes complete a class painting during Summer Soccer Scholars program.

Student-athletes in the SBU Academy now have the opportunity to learn artistic concepts, experiment with various visual art forms, and gain exposure to instruction that is lacking in many public schools.  This arts enrichment programming is offered through the new SBU Karen Barth Arts Program.

This summer 34 students took art class for one hour each day as part of the SBU Summer Soccer Scholars program.  Instruction was provided through program partner Learning Through an Expanded Arts Program (LeAP), an organization committed to improving the quality of public education through a unique, hands-on, arts-based approach to teaching the core curriculum.  In addition to learning basic concepts of visual arts, colors, painting, and drawing, students used painting to explore the summer theme of migration including their own family’s personal stories.

Students shared some of their experiences from the summer.  Says Abou Sissoko, 13, “I learned many things in Ms. Wendy’s class.  One thing that I like is perspective drawing.  At first, I thought it was going to be hard but when she showed me an example and explain it well I understood.  I made at least three drawings that day!”

Osvaldo Martinez, 12: “In art, I learned how to dye a shirt and we had fun doing various activities.  We learned to paint using mixed colors.”

Vanessa Jerez, 12: “Over the summer I took various subjects, but specifically I really liked art.  I did many art projects with my class.  Some of those projects were the sun print–where you put objects on a special blue paper, put it outside for 5 minutes, and put it in water over night–and the immigration project, where you told and drew a story of a family member who immigrated to the U.S.  I have been drawing since I was 7 years old and I have never seen an art class with so much creativity.  That’s what I liked the most out of the class: the creativity and respect in the room.  I hope I’ll be able to be in it again.”

Watch and listen to Drissa Gama, 13, share his family migration art project.

This fall, the program has continued as a weekly afterschool arts offering for middle and high school students.  During the school year, South Bronx United will partner with DreamYard Project and the Guggenheim Museum.

The program made possible thanks to a generous grant made to honor the legacy of the late Karen Barth.  Ms. Barth shared: “My objective is to make a painting that reinvigorates the language of abstraction and forges a renewed bond to nature. What I seek is a connection to the larger world via a painting that suggests a confluence between nature, paint and technology as process and the sense of immediacy and aliveness that this fused experience provides for me.”

A gallery featuring Karen Barth’s work is on display until October 22, 2016 at the Rogue Space: 508 West 26th Street, 9E-9F , Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-6pm.

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From the SBU Photography Club


Light photography

This summer, South Bronx United held a photography club as a part of its Summer Soccer Scholars curriculum. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, students learned the foundations of  photography and applied the lessons. For the first assignment, students created a pinhole camera using the classroom and opaque, black boards.  They turned the classroom into a camera obscura to project an outside image onto a blank wall. In their next class, students learned how to adjust their shutter speed to create light paintings. The students waved bike lights and glow sticks in front of the camera, and the slow shutter speed allowed the camera to pick up the lights’ motion.

Adjusting depth of focus.

Adjusting depth of focus.

During their second week, students took window portraits using natural lighting to highlight their features. Students took a trip to a neighborhood garden, New Roots, where they took pictures of the garden’s flowers and vegetables, adjusting the aperture to affect the focus.  Students were also assigned individual assignments that directed what they had to shoot: different perspectives, their everyday routine, the Bronx through their point of view, friday fields trips, and sports photography.

Portraits using light.

Portraits using light.

Photography student Meredith Cazales shared her perspective during this summer’s photography class. “My favorite photography project was when we got to do sports photography. I liked sports photography because I was able to take pictures of my fellow teammates in motion.”

Walking through the Neighborhood for on the street photography, the club came across livestock.

On the street photography.

Capturing photos in urban environments makes up a large portion of contemporary photography.  When the students set out of the streets of the South Bronx, they came across a Halal market selling live stock.  Walking through the neighborhood also provided opportunities to capture photos of people (with their permission), architecture, and objects in repetition.

Architecture in photography.

Architecture in photography.

The impetus behind the Photography Club was to allow students to think about their surroundings and use photography as a means to express those perspectives.


All photos were taken by students in the SBU Summer Soccer Scholars Program. Rotceh Maldonado, who co-directed the Club, is a senior at City College.  She interned with SBU through the college success program.

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SBU Summer Soccer Scholars Explore Migration Themes and Build Memories


SBU scholar Ayouba Swaray rides a bike around Governor’s Island during a Friday field trip.

Every year, South Bronx United engages students in a five-week summer program.  The SBU Summer Soccer Scholars program gives students the chance to exercise their brains and bodies while providing new opportunities and activities around the greater metropolitan area.  This year’s program focused on migration, and the projects the students carried out centered around communities, immigrants, and movement.  88 students between the 6th and 11th grades participated in this year’s program.  With the exception of Fridays where the group was out on field trips, students could be found in Math, Humanities, Art, or Life Skills classes each afternoon.  They were on the soccer field for two and a half hours each afternoon.

The summer’s theme of migration was seen throughout all classes and gave students, all of whom are from immigrant families, the opportunity to reflect on their personal experiences. In Humanities, students read and studied about the living conditions of people from Central America to Malaysia and the stories of migration from those areas.  They created final presentations covering their research and insights into the life and migrant experiences of specific groups.  Young students carried out a debate on immigration policies.  Each side had to present an opening statement, arguments, and a closing statement. They presented their arguments to a panel of visitors from the investment firm BlackRock.   Mathematics provided the opportunity to explore the economics of migration.  The youngest students research and created their own travel plans before using algorithms and algebra to research the costs of travel.

A student works on a Community Asset map.

A student works on a Community Asset map.

High school students participated in a Life Skills class and Community Asset Mapping project in affiliation with the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center.  The project gave students the opportunity to explore the resources, or lack of resources, available in the South Bronx and focused on access to healthy food options and health supports.  Incorporating the migration theme, the students surveyed neighborhood residents to determine the countries  that they had migrated from. They then explored the reasons and implications behind the data.  As a final project, students created three dimensional street maps to illustrate their findings.

Thanks to a grant made in honor of the late artist Karen Barth, the summer also gave the program’s middle school students the chance to take daily art class.  The summer’s curriculum was designed by LEAP, a local arts education organization, that helped carry out the curriculum.  Students experimented with various color palettes and visual art forms. The class culminated with the creation of a triptych that reflected migration. Using colored pencils, the triptychs illustrated stories ranging from the migration of a student’s mother from the Dominican Republic to the United States to the most common motifs found in a student’s country of origin, in this case Coite D’ivoire.

Vanessa with the triptych illustrating her mother's migration.

Vanessa with the triptych illustrating her mother’s migration.

This summer, South Bronx United also held a photography club as a part of its summer curriculum. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, students learned the foundations of photography and applied the lessons using digital cameras. The intention behind the Photography Club was to allow students to think about their surroundings and use photography as a means to express those perspectives.

As a part of the Summer Program tradition, Fridays were designated for outdoor excursions. The students lined up for the Cyclone at Coney Island, swam at Bear Mountain, canoed at Orchard Beach, and rode bikes through Governor’s Island. On the last Friday, scholars rode a bus to New Jersey and spent the day at Six Flags.

A BlackRock volunteer works with students in an ELA class.

A BlackRock volunteer works with students in an ELA class.

South Bronx United also welcomed volunteers from three corporations and organization supporters. BlackRock employees came on the last classroom day to serve as judges and evaluators of the final presentations in each class.  PIMCO and Goldman Sachs also came out to conduct workshops with the students.  More photos of the program can be viewed online: Goldman Sachs Visit, PIMCO Visit, and Summer Soccer Scholars.

The Summer Soccer Scholars program would not have been possible without LEAP, Friends of Brook Park, Mount Sinai, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and PIMCO.  South Bronx United would like to thank all of the volunteers and teachers who helped make the program an instructive and creative environment for their students.

At Bear Mountain State Park pool

At Bear Mountain State Park pool

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South Bronx United Press Releases Audio Documentary

Mamourou Kone (left) and Ayouba Swaray (right), two producers in the SBU Journalism Club.

Mamourou Kone (left) and Ayouba Swaray (right), two producers in the SBU Journalism Club.

BRONX, NEW YORK– The South Bronx United Journalism Club formed in the summer of 2015.  Throughout the Club’s first tenure, students conducted interviews, shot photographs, and designed print layouts. That fall, the South Bronx United Press published its first newspaper, which explored stories surrounding the South Bronx community and issues relevant to the students.

In January 2016, the South Bronx United Press reconvened to establish what theme they would explore for their next project.  As the country reeled from the beginning waves of the current presidential race, the students decided they wanted to share stories surrounding a contentious issue among the electorate:  immigration.

From January to May, the Journalism Club recorded interviews with people representing diverse nationalities and ethnicities. Their stories traverse various aspects of the immigrant experience.  By conducting, recording, and editing those interviews, the South Bronx United Press produced its first audio documentary.  The mission was to provide greater insight into the feelings and perspectives surrounding immigration. “We did this project to bring awareness to an issue that is affecting our community in the South Bronx. So with that in mind, we used the power of voice to make a podcast expressing the viewpoints of a diverse group of people, so people can be educated on a topic that heavily impacts many lives,” said ninth grade producer, Ayouba Swaray.

The producers’ work has culminated into the audio piece found below, which reflects the experiences of young immigrants moving to the United States as well as the perspectives New York residents have on the issue of immigration.  For the SBU summer program, the Journalism Club will attempt to explore other relevant narratives through photography.  You can learn more about South Bronx United and their mission to use creative methods as means for social change at



The Podcast was produced by Giselle Balvuena, Staisy Balbuena, Jammesyn Piggery, Momourou Kone, Ayouba Swaray, and Moriken Kenneh.  It was Edited by Sara Carter Conley.

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South Bronx United Awards 2016 College Scholarship

SBU College Scholarship recipients Musa Konteh (middle) and Alhassane Sako (right) with fellow SBU Academy graduate Nourou Gaiya (left)

SBU College Scholarship recipients Musa Konteh (middle) and Alhassane Sako (right) with fellow SBU Academy graduate Nourou Gaiya (left)

On June 26th, South Bronx United announced four high school seniors as the recipients of the 2016 SBU College Scholarship: Anayeli Bolaños, Kevin Camacho, Musa Konteh, and Alhassane Sako.  All are receiving funds from South Bronx United to help them pursue post-secondary degrees in New York State.  The recipients were announced during the SBU Academy awards ceremony and barbecue following the annual Graduates and Alumni soccer match.  All graduating seniors from the South Bronx United were eligible to apply.  It was the fifth year that South Bronx United has awarded college scholarship money.  Graduate Nourou Gaiya was also recognized for his outstanding scholarship application.  Nourou had already received a CUNY Dream scholarship to cover his tuition at Lehman College, as well as the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League scholarship of $1,000 per year to cover additional educational expenses.

Anayeli and Kevin received $1,500 each to assist with expenses when the start at Bronx Community College and Borough of Manhattan Community College in January, respectively.  Having moved from Mexico four years ago with her mother and three younger siblings, Anayeli has had to overcome numerous obstacles.  She will become the first in her family to attend college.  Anayeli graduated from New World High school in the Bronx.  Kevin, who is also from Mexico, graduated from the High School of Arts and Imagination in Manhattan. Anayeli and Kevin both have had to overcome challenges of not being eligible for federal financial aid.  Musa received $500 to assist with educational expenses at Sienna College where he also intends to play soccer.

South Bronx United also awards a PlaySoccer2Give (PS2G) scholarship of $1,000 each year, which is sponsored by PlaySoccer2Give, a nonprofit organization that encourages adult pickup soccer communities to play for a common good, raise funds and awareness of soccer non-profits.  The 2015 recipient of the PS2G Scholarship was Alhassane who has been a part of South Bronx United and the SBU 97 Strikers since 2012.

Alhassane graduated from the Academy for Social Action and will be attending SUNY Delhi.  Growing up in a big family, Alhassane is has learned to take care of himself: “The people I live with whom I’ve now come to call mom and dad have seven other children to take care of; me being the eighth one has added more struggle into their hands. I am grateful that I have a roof over my head. But I fend for myself and it has been a process for me to balance my priorities. Soccer has been a part of my life and South Bronx United is definitely the place where I feel at home.  In the next four years, I’m looking forward to taking advantage of all opportunities that I can get to help my parents and the people I live with.”

In all, South Bronx United has awarded $25,000 since 2012 to deserving students from within the SBU Academy who demonstrate promising future potential with a financial need to help them reach that potential.  The scholarship is supported by individual donations and organizations such as PS2G.

If you or someone you know is interested in support the SBU College Scholarship Fund, please donate here.  You can choose to designate donations for the scholarship fund.  For questions, contact or (718) 404-9281.

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SBU Academy Class of 2016

The SBU Academy Class of 2016 is graduating this month! Our graduates have committed to the following colleges, so far:

Esmeralda Arellano, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Anayeli Bolaños, Undecided
Kevin Camacho, Undecided
Ousman Ceesay, Morrisville State
Abou Diaby, Suffield Academy (Post-Graduate)
Alpha Diallo, Monroe Community College
Samba Doukhansy, SUNY Potsdam
Nourou Gaiya, Lehman College
Edward Gbekie, Ithaca College
Destiny James, Fairfield University
Beaufils Kimpolo-Pene, Bates College
Musa Konteh, Siena College
Mohamed Ndour, Wabash College
Paul Oriaku, SUNY Delhi
Brandon Paniagua, SUNY Purchase
Khiabet Pelaez, Queens College
Alhassane Sako, SUNY Delhi
Salim Sidique, Loomis Chaffee School (Post-Graduate)
Owen Smith, Sarah Lawrence College
Mamadou Traore, University of Bridgeport
Abdoulie Waggeh, Wabash College

Check back here for updated commitments.

To learn more about their individual stories, follow #SeniorsOfSBU on the South Bronx United Instagram page.

Congratulations to all the SBU Academy graduates!


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