Angel ReyesMy name is Angel Reyes.  I am 12 years old.  I am in 7th grade.  I am an Mexican-American.  I was born in the United States but my parents are from Mexico.  I have lived in the Bronx since I was born.

I love to play soccer.  It is my favorite sport, and my dream to become a professional soccer player.  I joined South Bronx United last year playing in the recreational league. Then, after recreational league, it was another level for me to join the South Bronx United travel team. It was like a dream to join the travel team, because I never had played with a club that would make me big.  I started playing with the SBU travel team this summer 2013, and I was in the starting 11. I just said to myself this is an opportunity to play because I worked so hard to be in this team. I said I deserve it.

When the games started in September, my coach had put me in defense.  Defense is not really my position.  Really it is center midfield.  I just decided to play defense anyways and it went pretty well. My team won the first game with a score of 12-0. I was so glad for my first win. Then as the other games came , my team gave it all and won all the matches until the last game.  We tied with 2nd place who had 24 points, and we ended up losing. I said blush. My life was over. I couldn’t just stop thinking of what had happened. If we won, my team could gotten to go to the 1st division. But unfortunately we lost and came in 2nd place. So sad but I said thank you Jesus for letting me play with this team even though we could won but got the loss. So  next season, my team and I hope to go to the 1st division.

Next season, I will try to improve my techniques. Also I would like to improve my speed as a defender because you need it in order to stop an attacker who might be faster than you. Another thing I would like to work on is my health, like my body weight.  I want to be like Yaya Toure or Gerard Pique who are good defenders. They inspire me to work more and achieve what I want to be.

Most of all, I hope my team and I  stay positive, play professionally, and win championships that will make us the best team of the city!!!

U13 Team
My Team: SBU U13 Boys