I taught Magazine Journalism during the Summer Soccer Scholars Program

By Ama Adutwiwaa

When I was introduced to South Bronx United (SBU) I was given the idea that the program was soccer oriented.  With extensive research, I realized that its not.

As part of my marketing role, I worked on the 2014 SBU Charity Cup where these board members helped raise money for SBU youth programs.

SBU is a program that uses soccer to enforce change in the lives of youth from the South Bronx. The organization uses soccer as a tool to implement the essence of education and help the youth build character. And as the youth build character they are also learning the true essence of community building and giving back to their community.

As a staff member I would honestly say that I have seen both the outside and the behind scenes to the organization. This summer I was an intern at SBU for the public relations/marketing department, a tutor for a short period of time and a magazine journalism teacher.

When interning for the public relations/marketing field I honestly really didn’t know what to expect because that was my first time stepping into the field. It started off with me editing grants, looking for media outlets and etc. which ended up becoming something that I truly enjoyed doing. I learned how non-profits gain money for their organization and learned how social media affects the brand of an organization. For when establishing an organization you must live up to your brand and SBU does exactly just that.

Teaching and tutoring were positions that I’ve held before in high school so they weren’t too new to me. But I would say that I learned how to have patience and that’s what you need when dealing with kids. A teacher must understand that this is not a one-person class but a class of 20 students with different opinions.  Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed but all you need to do is breathe. And that’s what I did everyday. I would say it wasn’t easy but I cherished every moment of being with them because they honestly became my siblings.

This summer, SBU pulled out the big kid in me and turned me into a role model for these students and I’m glad that I got the opportunity to work with them. I hope to see the organization to continue to grow and as the years go by became more and more successful. It was a pleasure working with the SBU family and I’m glad I was given this opportunity.