Teaching Media Studies at SBU

Hi my name is Shaniqua Williams and I was the Media Studies and Analysis teacher for SBU Summer Soccer Scholars program. Working with South Bronx United this summer has been a blast. As a mass communications major at Ithaca College, I was extremely excited because I had learned a lot of information about the media, and through this internship program I was able to teach what I learned to high school students.  The class was a bit intense at times for the students because the messages they were learning were both thought provoking and shocking. However, there were also fun times when they listened to music, played games, and watched video clips.

In addition, I also enjoyed hearing the students’ opinions on some issues in the media because it was nice to hear their perspectives on the subject. My goal for the course was to help students understand and analyze how the messages they receive from the media leave a profound effect on not only their lives but also the communities they live in. In the end, I definitely believe that I accomplished my goal and learned a lot of new things about the students, different cultures, teaching, and the media. Overall, I am glad that I was given the opportunity to teach this course with South Bronx United and I am looking forward to a bright future.


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