The Learning Curve

My Great Co-Workers

My name is Carlos Grimes a rising sophomore at Ithaca College majoring in Business Administration. This summer I was given the opportunity to join the South Bronx United family. During my time here I have met some great kids who I can relate to as well as great co-workers that motivated me each day.

Coming in I had no idea how I was going to handle the sport of soccer, a sport that I was not exactly familiar with. My background in baseball came to the rescue as my IQ for teamwork and motivation made up for what could not be done on the soccer field. There was much more for me to learn. The days went on and all I knew about soccer was Real Madrid, Arsenal F.C. and Ronaldinho who is my favorite player.


Practice makes perfect

This soon became a joke to my students so I finally asked them to become my teachers and  show me how each position works and what different calls and penalties are involved in the sport. I quickly bragged to my friends who played soccer on how much I improved in the sport and could give them a run for their money.

During the summer I received the chance to teach a course from a self made topic, The Economics of Sports. In this course I taught the students what it really takes to own a team and the different departments that may are needed to help build up the franchise from things like venues all the way to player contracts. The students were given an opportunity to teach themselves and their fellow peers with presentations that dealt with Advertisement, Budgeting and Team management. As the summer started to wind down my students gained confidence in what it takes to create their own personal franchise.

Now as my summer comes to an end my time with SBU will go down as the highlight of my whole summer giving me great memories with great people.  As I move on with my future endeavors I will continue to support South Bronx United and everything it stands for.

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