Youth conference “Can you hear me now? Youth have their say”

Can You Hear Me Now?

SBU Youth at "Can You Hear Me Now?" Youth Conference

By Effie Diaz

On Friday June 3rd, there was a youth conference known as “Can you hear me now? youth have their say” hosted by We Are The Bronx Fellowship. This conference was mainly about having the youth speak and express their thoughts, since usually we don’t always speak much.  This conference was especially for us so that adults can hear what we really think and what we want to change for the better.

Professionals helped us by separating us into three different groups based on the subject: safety, career, and out of school.  In these groups, youth were able to say what they need help in and what they would like  the professionals to do for them. I was in the career group.  There I met students with different problems relating college, some of which were similar to my own.  The professionals helped us by showing ways in which to find help for college and other careers we might be interested in.

After a period of time of being separated into groups, they brought us all together and we talked about the three groups.  Everyone was able to express themselves with their different point of views while the audience listened silently. After this the professionals gave their last advice and the conference came to an end.

In this conference I learned that there are a lot of students from all over the place and from different backgrounds who go through many different challenges, but yet have no way of finding help. As a result, this conference really helped us in knowing that there are people willing to help us if we just spread the word.  This was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

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