Our Summer Scholars: In Their Own Words

The South Bronx United Summer Scholars Program officially came to an end on August 12th. After four weeks of soccer, classes, and field trips galore, students in the Creative Writing and Journalism classes got a chance to reflect on their experiences.

Eduardo Juarez
The experience I had in the Summer Scholars Program was great. I made new friends in the program and I learned many new things. I took classes like creative writing, referee training, and mock trial. The time I enjoyed most during the Scholars Program was when we trained and exercised. The most memorable moments happened outside when we played soccer. I would like to be in this program next summer.

Junior Trujillo
The Summer Scholars Program classes were awesome. The best class was business. In business class, we designed snapback hats and SBU shirts that we are hopefully going to sell. Around 2 weeks ago, we met a Mexican player. His name is Omar Bravo and he was one of the Major League Soccer (MLS) stars. My mom talked with Omar Bravo on the phone. It was great meeting him.

Zumba classes in the morning jumpstarted the students for the day's activities

In World Through Soccer, the students learned about the seven continents of the world

Jallah Konneh
One of the things I learned in the Summer Scholars Program is how to name my muscles and my bones and also how to stretch and do Zumba. Then, in World Through Soccer, I learned about the Civil War and where soccer first came from and about the seven continents. The most memorable moments came from when I learned how to do Zumba, an exercise that makes your body fit. Also, I met new friends and got to see my teammates over the summer.

Kevin Lopez
What I liked about the Summer Scholars Program is that we played soccer every day at the end of the day. I also liked World Cup because we played full-field games and it was fun. I liked the classes because there were things to learn and cool activities. Doing tiring fitness in the morning, where we had to run four laps and then do push-ups and sit-ups and dips, was hard though.

Students worked in the computer lab on special projects for Technology class

Mahtche Wattara
I have learned a lot in the Summer Scholars Program. I took photography, technology, World Through Soccer, and film. I liked the different classes that I never had, like photography. One of my most memorable moments was playing in the Gatorade challenge where we could win Gatorades.

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