A South Bronx Family

By Ghirbran Toxqui

I feel that racism around the world is a major problem we have. Racism affects the way you think and makes you see things in different ways. Racism is a matter of words affecting another person’s life and you are basically hurting them.

In South Bronx United, we have all types of cultures from almost all over the world. SBU is a big whole family where all types of cultures are put on one team to work together and basically to get to know people’s backgrounds.

I’m proud to be in South Bronx United because here I feel like I have a family that is there for me when I’m in trouble. SBU is a different club from all other clubs because it is made for people from different backgrounds to come together, form a family, work together, play as a team, and also succeed in life. When people hear the words South Bronx in South Bronx United, they think of us as gangsters and dirty kids with no self-respect, but we are actually more than that. We are kids from the Bronx trying to convince people that just by living in the Bronx, it does not necessarily mean we are like animals, people that have no respect for anyone but themselves, but we can also work together to make a change.

My name is Ghirbran and I am proud to be a part of this diverse organization known as South Bronx United.

Ghirbran and his fellow South Bronx United players meet French legend Patrick Viera

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