A Better Season

By Bakary Bagayoko, 14

Members of SBU 98 Boys U14 team

During the season, almost every Saturday and Sunday South Bronx United U 14 boys have games. This is the team that started this year. I’m happy to make the traveling team this year because last summer I was only getting ready to make the traveling team. Last year, I just moved from Mali and I was in the recreational team that got me ready to make the traveling team.

One of the games I remember the best is when I woke up at 5:00 in the morning and I had to get to the field at 6:30. We had to leave at 7:00 to make it to Randall’s Island and start the game at 8:00. We were playing the team that was all the way from Brooklyn. I got to score my first goal of the season and my friend Alexis scored his first goal of the season too. The game ended with a score of 2:1.

That's me behind Cristiano Ronaldo when we went to the AC Milan-Real Madrid game at Yankee Stadium last summer.

Even though I’m a good player, most of the times in the games I argue with somebody in the team when we are losing. I get angry because I don’t want the other team to be better than us. I also don’t want my team to lose because I think that other people may count on us and may also get upset, sad, and mad etc…..

I hope this season won’t be the same as last season. I realize that being mad doesn’t help me and the team. We won all our games going 8-0-0 but I was still mad. I realize again moving into Division A is going to be harder so I learned to not be mad or angry towards the other teammates. I hope I’ll do better controlling my frustrations this season.

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